System Requirements :::::

One of the advantages and requirements of the DEA for CSOS implementation is electronic data storage of transmitted orders. As a result, the following are the minimum requirements needed for the computer hardware that will allow the program to function optimally.

800MHz or faster Pentium III-class processor (CPU)
512 megabytes of Random Access Memory (RAM)
600 MB disc space for Activator software, and installation (Hard Drive)
SVGA monitor (Video Graphic Card)
CD Drive (for installation)

Since the Anda CSOS is a Windows based application, the software will function optimally with the following operating systems

Windows 2000 Server with service pack 3 or later
Windows XP with Service Pack 1 or later
Windows Server 2003

If you are unsure if your computer meets the necessary hardware and software requirements, please contact us.

If you have the necessary System Requirements, please click below to complete the remaining 2 steps.

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