Anda CSOS Software :::::

Once your computer meets the necessary system requirement, Anda will provide a customized software package. Anda will also provide a CSOS software training program, software updates and continued technical support.

The ANDA CSOS Software will serve as the CSOS ordering system. Anda will send the software to install onto your computer system when the necessary hardware and software requirements are satisfied.

Once installed on the computer , the application enables the order to be signed, encrypted, submitted and processed, using a DEA approved secure method. Once the order is submitted for processing and fulfillment, a message is then sent back to the Anda CSOS message center.

If you meet the necessary requirements and would like to order Anda CSOS Software, please click here.

To see a sample of the Order Message Center click here.

To see a sample of the e222 Form click here

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